welcome to: kid.ish

The endless cycle of buy, spill, wash and dispose probably sounds pretty familiar.

We are here to slow down that cycle. To produce garments that boast longer life spans and less waste.

kid.ish guarantees more wears and clean moments. Less time spent in the laundry room, reduced money spent on wardrobe, and far less harm to planet earth.

& may your inner kid shine!

anti spill buttoned shirt for kids, liquid repellent, easily wipe down splash, spills and stains


Our fabrics have hydrophobic properties, which lack the affinity for water.

As a result they repel, instead of absorb, liquids.

The technology is deeply rooted in the cotton fiber making it durable, high quality, and the essential property of the garment.

  • fabric

    100% organic cotton, liquid repellent and anti spill

  • buttons

    coconut shells – a natural and biodegradable material

  • labels

    colorful, non itchy and totally compostable

  • hangtags

    non-waste, recyclable, and informative

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💦 the spill-proof guide 💦

Spill. Wipe. Repeat.

We tested it, and came up with the best ways to clean so you can enjoy life and not worry over a spill.


  • JUICE ( 🍇,  🍏,  🍒 – you name it!)

    What to expect: Liquids bubble instead of seep, the moment they hit the fabric. Bubbles remain at a standstill until you are ready to swipe.

    What we recommend: Shake the part of the fabric that is splash, allowing as much liquid as possible to drip off. Lightly wipe any excess liquid with any kind of wipes.

    * The shirt can be worn while you swipe, and the entire process takes just a moment of time. Don't worry if your little one's hands wipe it away before you get to it. Hands work too!


    What to expect: While these foods have a thicker consistency than liquids, they too won’t seep into the shirt permanently. These foods won’t bubble like liquids, but they are still easy to clean with a damp towel. Even something sticky like honey will wipe away easily!

    What we recommend: Tougher spills may require rinsing with water, but the fabric will dry quickly and the stain will vanish. To avoid the stain penetrating the fabric, don't rub with a dry towel.

    *Best if little hands stay clear on this one. Will clean much more effectively with a towel & help from mom and dad.

We have kids so we are used to all sorts of questions

ask us anything: hello@shop-kidish.com

why are some kid.ish styles only available as pre-sale?

we only produce what you buy, this way there is no waste, which is much better for our planet! 🌎

why have we made organic materials a BIG deal?

organic materials do not have toxins, therefore pose no threat to our health while wearing them.

and when the garment is no longer needed in the future, it is a non-threat to the environment as it can be recycled or composted just like fruits and veggies.

fact: non-organic garments end up piling up in landfills, contruting to a huge environmental catstrophe!

how long will kid.ish garments remain liquid repellent?

the technology will remain at a functioning level for the garment's entire lifespan, through all washes and wears!

where are the kid.ish materials from?

we source our materials from the USA, France and Italy.

what if I followed the guide and still have a stain?

mix 1 part hydrogen peroxide 3% + 1 part blue dish soap into a spray bottle. Apply baking soda on the stain, spray the magic mix generously and scrub with a soft brush. Leave it on for at least 1h and after that wash it normally in the machine and hang dry.