Designed to tackle grape juice stains on Shabbat, a plant-based innovation intended to cultivate a Kiddush Hashem!

Fresh take on Shabbat button-up classics!

Redefined family fashion with a dynamic approach that combines patented fabric technology, eco-conscious production methods, and inspired style.

Modernized tradition!

Herringbone + French Oxford, joined with non-invasive spill repellent technology, iconic coconut shell buttons and BCI certified cotton fabric.

Coordinating father - son looks!

  • Guaranteed to repel liquid spills from juice to coffee for your enjoyment of dry and confident kid.ish moments, without running away from the shabbat table to grab a change of clothes.

  • 100% eco-friendly from our natural non-toxic cotton fabric down to the easy-to-use coconut shell buttons. Show the world that Hashem's children care!

  • Spill-repellant fibers that have less need for washing and replacing, means you get to relax on Shabbat instead of worrying about tomorrow's laundry.